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Create user personas using QoQo.AI as your user research companion

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How to create the perfect user persona using QoQo as your AI user research companion

June 5, 2023
Tamer Okail

QoQo.AI is a Figma plugin designed to aid designers in overcoming the challenges associated with limited resources for research. QoQo.AI expedites the design process while maintaining the importance of actual research.

” I use QoQo to augment the start of the process, filling up the canvas with suggestions that are then culled or refined. This then feeds into research work.

Fredrik Matheson – IxDA Oslo

QoQo.AI assists designers by providing a starting point for generating ideas, offering valuable insights into user preferences, identifying pain points, and discerning motivations. Thus, QoQo.AI has proven to be an invaluable asset for designers who seek to optimize their workflow and deliver meaningful user experiences.

What is a user persona?

A user persona, as defined by the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG), is a fictional representation of an ideal user, encapsulating their needs, goals, and behavior patterns.

User personas carry immense importance in user research, as they assist UX designers in understanding target audiences and predicting user interactions with products or services. 

By creating and referring to these detailed personas, designers can make informed decisions that cater to their users’ needs, ultimately enhancing product usability and user satisfaction. 

The main categories of information that feed into crafting a user persona include:

  •  Demographics
  • Goals
  • Motivations
  • Pain points

This valuable information allows designers to humanize their target audience, facilitating the development of highly effective and user-centric designs.

How to co-create a user persona with QoQo.AI and actual research?

Successfully create user personas by merging insights from QoQo.AI with your own research findings. Follow these simple steps to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your ideal users:

1- Enter foundational demographics in QoQo.AI

Begin by inputting persona demographics—such as occupation, age, gender, and location—into QoQo.AI to establish a preliminary understanding of your target user.

Begin by inputting persona demographics—such as occupation, age, gender, and location—into QoQo.AI to establish a preliminary understanding of your target user.

For example, enter data like “25-35, Australian, payroll manager.”

2- Simulate the user experience

Supply QoQo.AI with a scenario outlining the circumstances under which your persona interacts with a specific product or service. By doing so, QoQo.AI can simulate the user experience and generate valuable insights.

For instance, you may input a scenario like “Process payroll using an online platform.”

3- Combine QoQo.AI insights with informed research outcomes

Enhance the QoQo.AI generated personas by combining them with interview-based research findings. This approach allows you to expand, organize, and refine the available information, leading to a well-rounded and informed user persona that reflects the real user’s needs and preferences.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create robust user personas that strike the perfect balance between AI-generated insights and your own research, resulting in a more effective UX design process.

Frequently asked questions

What data sources are utilized by QoQo.AI?

QoQo.AI is built off the greatest public knowledge store – the internet. By harnessing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities, QoQo.AI analyzes numerous user behavior patterns, preferences, and demographic information to facilitate efficient user persona creation.

Does QoQo.AI replace traditional user research?

While QoQo.AI is indeed an invaluable UX AI companion for designers, it doesn’t entirely replace user research. Instead, it serves as a complementary tool to expedite user persona development and streamline the design process, allowing designers to focus on other critical aspects of their projects.

How does QoQo.AI, the UX AI companion, circumvent bias—a significant concern in AI design?

QoQo.AI is built off the greatest knowledge store – the internet – which is biased as a result of enduring cultural norms. However, QoQo.AI has integrated de-biasing models to greatly reduce bias and is constantly improving this aspect. We recommend you also nudge it with your prompts using adjectives and descriptions, such as country, gender, and age.

Is my research information shared or utilized for training in QoQo.AI?

Data privacy is important for QoQo.AI. Your research information is neither shared with third-party entities nor used for training purposes.


QoQo.AI is a powerful tool that significantly enhances the user research process by combining AI-generated insights with actual research findings. 

This harmony allows designers to uncover hidden insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of user needs, preferences, and behaviors. 

By utilizing QoQo.AI in your design workflow, you can streamline your UX projects, unveil untapped opportunities, and ultimately create user-centric experiences that are tailored to impress even the most discerning end-user. Embrace the future of UX design by integrating QoQo.AI into your process today.