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How AI is solving the biggest design challenge!

April 27, 2023
Tamer Okail

As a designer, I often encounter the challenge of limited resources for research, which can manifest as restricted budgets, time constraints, or limited access to data.

Throughout my 20 years of experience in product design and leadership, spanning organizations of all sizes — from large enterprises and design agencies to start-ups — this issue has consistently presented itself.

The consequences of these limitations can be significant, leading to missed opportunities such as inadequate user experience (UX) research, budget overruns, or, in the worst-case scenarios, the delivery of suboptimal solutions.

It’s not unusual for companies to experience a loss of revenue and damage to their reputation as a result of neglecting the issue of limited resources for research. Failure to address this problem can put a company at a significant disadvantage and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Now that user experience is a driving factor behind customer choices, it is essential to prioritize and address these resource constraints to remain competitive and deliver exceptional products and applications.

AI-Boosted research made easy!

Recognizing the potential to harness the vast knowledge available on the internet, I identified an opportunity in leveraging Language Models (LLMs) to create QoQo.

QoQo’s primary function is to provide designers with rapid access to research data, saving them precious time and effort in the design research and discovery stage.

QoQo enables designers to dive deep into their subject matter, uncovering relevant insights and trends that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

It is important to note that QoQo is not intended to be a replacement for actual research. Rather, it serves as a complementary tool that enhances and accelerates the research process for UX designers.

“The need for human interpretation and creativity will still be there but AI can help in automating some processes and coming up with suggestions.”

Jakob Nielsen

What can QoQo do for you?

QoQo offers a range of features to facilitate various aspects of design, including user persona generation, user journey mapping, UX copywriting, and user interview question suggestions.

  • User Persona Generation: QoQo creates a starting persona (fictional characters), helping you prepare to enrich your user research, to better comprehend and serve your users.
  • User Journey Mapping: QoQo creates a user journey map with the steps users take when interacting with your product/service, identifying areas where users may be struggling.
  • UX Copywriting: QoQo empowers you to craft clear and concise messaging that resonates with your audience, resulting in a seamless user experience.
  • User interview: QoQo allows designers to quickly generate relevant questions based on your research objectives.

A solution for designers, agencies, and companies

QoQo is a versatile tool that can benefit various individuals and organizations involved in the design process.

  • Individual designers: By enhancing the efficiency and productivity of UX work, QoQo empowers designers to take on more projects. As a result, increased productivity creates more opportunities for UX work.
  • Design agencies: QoQo serves as a powerful tool for agencies to swiftly gather insights and generate new ideas. By using QoQo, agencies can proactively prevent budget overruns, and effectively collaborate with clients who have smaller budgets.
  • Organizations and startups: QoQo can help companies overcome the challenges of limited resources and budgets by providing quick and actionable data, and helping them prioritize features based on user insights.

How is this different from OpenAI chatGPT?

While QoQo is built on OpenAI technology, I made a conscious decision to move away from using prompts. I understand that the process of mastering prompts can be time-consuming and may present a steep learning curve for some users. My goal is to make QoQo as user-friendly and accessible as possible.

Additionally, By bringing QoQo directly to the platforms and tools designers use daily, it offers a seamless and efficient way to enhance their workflow.

How about research data privacy?

Only the prompts you add in the text boxes are sent to the AI to get results from the model, but they are not retained nor used for training.

QoQo is a highly knowledgeable AI as it learned from the internet across the world. But it doesn’t know about a specific context you may look at, particularly if there haven’t been qualitative publications about it.

Give QoQo a try today!

Experience the benefits of QoQo for yourself and explore how it can streamline your design process.